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Brass Door Handle, Internal doors, UFFICI 107 mm

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Uffici 107, inspired by the Empire style, is a top-quality door handle crafted from high-quality brass, available in brass, chrome, or nickel. It’s sand-cast, polished, and comes with a lifetime warranty and Søe-Jensen stamp, perfect for luxurious interiors.


Are you drawn to the exquisite luxury known from the classic Empire style? Uffici 107 is our love letter to the exquisite Empire style, here shaped into a classic top-quality door handle.

The door handle (also referred to as a door lever), comes in a set of two with the original Søe-Jensen stamp and a lifetime warranty.

The French Empire style is meant to idealize and elevate homes with lavish luxury. Empire style is an uncompromising aesthetic, which we continue with a classic door handle in Uffici 107. The construction is made of quality brass with a high copper content, coated with a surface of either brass, chrome, or nickel. This ensures the best chance of finding something that perfectly matches your style. The door handle is sand-cast and polished to a shine at our European workshop, where it undergoes extensive quality control. The material is always unlacquered, making it easy to maintain the glossy surface and ensuring it ages beautifully over the years. If you want to complete your interior in Empire style, a classic door handle is a must.

As hardware, we recommend a rosette from the SJC Classic series or a Hauser long plate. If you love luxury but miss the soft lines, try Banks 98.

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Søe Jensen & CO

Søe-Jensen & Co., established in 1862 in Copenhagen, Denmark, has specialized in producing brass door handles and fittings for over 150 years. With a rich history intertwined with the city's development, the company originally named "Copenhagen Door Handle and Metalware Factory. Hansen and Søe-Jensen," has been a significant contributor to the architectural aesthetics of many prominent buildings throughout Denmark.

The company's dedication to quality is evident in their enduring, sand-cast brass products, which include a range of items from classic door handles to custom-designed pieces like the walrus door handle and hammer created for polar researcher Knud Rasmussen in 1917. Despite changes in location and ownership over the years, Søe-Jensen & Co. has maintained its commitment to craftsmanship and durability, marking it as a distinguished name in Danish design and manufacturing.

Søe Jensen & CO


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"I recently purchased Søe & Jensen door handles for my renovated Swedish farmhouse, and I couldn't be more delighted. Despite initially forgetting to order rosettes, World Of Handles promptly followed up with me, facilitated a new order, and had it shipped within just 12 hours!"


“Great service and fast delivery! All well packed so no damage during shipping”